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Vision: The Winstead Avenue Elementary School Library’s vision is to cultivate a 21st century environment that fosters active, enthusiastic learning; provides equitable access to information and resources; encourages a lifelong passion for learning and reading; and promotes both global and digital citizenship.
Mission: The mission of the Winstead Avenue Elementary School Library is to promote the joy of reading; create effective and ethical users of ideas, information, and resources; support the curriculum by providing access to information in all forms; and collaborate with staff members to provide engaging learning experiences.
K-2 students at Winstead Avenue Elementary attend regularly scheduled weekly library sessions. When students visit the library for their regularly scheduled time, they first have a library lesson that integrates multiple literacies. They then go to one of eight Makerspace centers designed to encourage creativity, collaboration, investigation, and problem solving. While in centers, students also check out library books. The library collection contains almost 9,000 resources.