Dual Language Immersion


Kindergarten:  Andrea Villamar-Estrella 

First Grade: Robinson Ciro
Second Grade: Luz Albarracin-Correa

Co-Teacher: Maria Montenegro-Correa

Dual Language/Immersion classes are an exciting option for parents who want their children to have the advantage of a rigorous academic program while also learning a second language. The language instituted in all of our dual language/immersion classes is Spanish. Language immersion programs have been thoroughly studied and present a comprehensive body of research that demonstrates significant benefits for our students. You can review the information documents and/or contact Assistant Principal Franchesca Kelley at fpkelley@ncpschools.net if you are interested.


STUDENT ENROLLMENT BEGINS JANUARY 8TH 2024 FOR THE 2024-2025 SCHOOL YEAR. An application and memorandum of understanding will need to be completed, signed, and sent to Mrs. Kelley to put your child's name on the waiting list. When the district opens up Kindergarten enrollment (sometime typically in April), you will need to register your child for kindergarten. In May, you will be contacted by the school office staff if your child has been selected for the Dual Language program.


If you are currently living outside of Winstead Avenue's attendance zone, please also fill out a "Transfer Request" form. Please notice that it will be the parent/legal guardian's responsibility to provide transportation to and from the school if you are living outside of Winstead's school zone. 


The staff at Winstead Avenue looks forward to seeing your child grow academically and blossom into a bilingual student.