Enrichment Staff

Art - Demetrius Smith

Global Studies- Keenan Robinson

Media - Meagan Bartholomew

Music - Love Davenport

PE - Kim Lloyd

AIG-Hope Sides

Mrs. Sides has been busy going into all the first and second grade classrooms teaching

whole class thinking skills lessons. Students are learning all about their amazing brain.

Everyone has the ability to help their brain grow stronger and smarter every day. Taking

on challenges and learning new things are wonderful ways to help exercise our brain.

Students are also becoming familiar with the powerful word YET. Even if you are not an

expert at something YET, remember to push through and continue trying so that

eventually you will become better and stronger over time.

Second graders will be administered the CogAT test during the second half of this school

year. The CogAT test is a Cognitive Abilities assessment that measures reasoning skills

with different types of verbal, quantitative and nonverbal questions. Mrs. Sides will help

students become familiar with the CogAT by showing examples of different types of

questions that they may encounter on the test. If students perform at a high level on the

CogAT, they may qualify for additional testing to determine their area of strength.

Parents of second graders will receive a letter closer to the testing date that will further

explain the CogAT as well as the specific dates that the test will be administered.